Sunday, March 23, 2008


A dream I had when I was little kid that haunted me for years. I drew this a while ago; I had a high-top fade at the time.

male form

charcoal - still

Trying to make wood look like wood took me 3 or 4 times to get it right. A little messy, but fun.


This was a beautiful woman saw sitting alone sunbathing naked on a beach one day... or was it a nude model in my drawing class?

Pulp fiction

My first attempt at caraciture drawing. A little off, but i like it anyway.

still life

An eccletic mix of a cow skull, a block of wood, a silver serving tray and a piece of tape, but i think it came out pretty well.

Reflections of man

Forgot the sketch this one out before I started and ended up running out of paper. I hate adding on paper so i just left it as is.

If your nasty

This is was when I was obsessed with Miss J and had to draw her. She's has changed a lot throughout the years, but I like to remember her as she was back in the day.


Before this bottle was empty, it use to be my favorite.

Thrist quencher

Always had a problem with drawing water and ice, so decided to combine them together for a challenge.


After eating lunch I got inspired to draw my garbage. Don't know why there is a washing ring in in, but it kinda works.

A stitch in time

I kept waking up late due to an alarm clock that had a glitch in it. Before getting totally fed up and was about to smash it, I looked at and decided to do a quick sketch that later became a complete piece. Then, I smashed it.